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The online Wisconsin Lending Guide is the electronic version of the popular Wisconsin Economic Development Manual and is now an easily searchable, comprehensive website.

Members of WBD receive one complimentary subscription to the site. Simply use our Contact Us form and select the option, “I am a WBD member and would like to access my complimentary subscription to this site.

For those who are not WBD members, an individual annual subscription may be purchased for $169 per year. A bank is also able to purchase a license which would allow multiple employees to utilize the site.

The annual price structure for licensing is:

$250 per year: Banks with $1 to $250 million in deposits 
$500 per year: Banks with $251 to $500 in deposits
$1,000 per year: Banks with $501 to $1 Billion in deposits
$2,000 per year: Banks with $1 Billion to $10 Billion in deposits
$2,500 per year: Banks over $10 Billion in deposits

Simply use our Contact Us form to indicate your interest in subscribing and a representative will contact you directly to register you for site access.